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Behavioral analysis of trace fossils at the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary
Principal Investigator: Narbonne, Guy
Licenced Year(s): 2013 2012
Summary: The world’s earliest animals appeared in the Ediacaran Period about 580 million years ago, and soft worm-like animals capable of movement appeared suddenly worldwide 555 million years ago. Previous studies (Narbonne and Aitken, Palaeontology, 1990; MacNaughton and Narbonne, Palaios, 1999; Narbonne, The Rise of Animals, 2007) have shown that these fossils are especially well represented in the Mac...

Proterozoic Ice Ages in Northwestern Canada
Principal Investigator: Narbonne, Guy
Licenced Year(s): 2001 1999 1998 1996 1994 1992 1991 1989 1988
Summary: The research team will be flown from Norman Wells to the base camp near Shale Lake by helicopter. The camp will consist of one sleeping tent and one cooking tent. The research team will walk to several rock sections with 3 km of the base camp. Data collection will consist of measuring rocks with a ruler, taking photographs, and collecting up to 50 small (fist-sized) pieces with a hammer. The r...

Mesoproterozoic Reefs and Associated Strata, Bordon Pennisula, Baffin Island.
Principal Investigator: Narbonne, Guy
Licenced Year(s): 1994 1993
Summary: At each locality, we will measure the rock section with a tape and collect samples with a hammer. Samples collected will be examined under a microscope and using geochemical techniques at Queen's University. Research will concentrate on determining conditions under which these reefs (1200 million year old fossil reefs on the Borden Peninsula) grew and comparing it with the condition under which mo...