Social Impacts of Eco-Tourism in NWT - A Preliminary Reconnaissance

Regions: North Slave Region, South Slave Region

Tags: social sciences, social impact, tourism, impact analysis, nature-based tourism

Principal Investigator: Tamm, Sabine (1)
Licence Number: 10160
Organization: Outdoor Recreation Department, Lakehead University
Licenced Year(s): 1990
Issued: Jan 01, 1990
Project Team: Self

Objective(s): To establish a framework for social impact studies of ecotourism in the NWT; to identify significant variables in that framework; to compare the importance of those variables in other jurisdications;

Project Description: The researcher will carry out a project to develop a framework for social impact studies of eco-tourism in the NWT by interviewing Federal and Territorial government officials, commercial outfitters and Chambers of Commerce representatives to obtain their views on the range of social impacts which can be properly attributed to eco-tourism.