Bedrock Studies in the Eqe Bay and Adjacent Area, West-Central Baffin Island

Regions: Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut

Tags: physical sciences, bedrock, economic potential, geologic origins, geological age

Principal Investigator: Jackson, G.D. (1)
Licence Number: 12126
Organization: Continental Geoscience Division, GSC
Licenced Year(s): 1992
Issued: Jan 01, 1992
Project Team: K. Bethune; R. Scammell; R. Berman; 3 student assistants

Objective(s): To undertake bedrock based studies to determine the geological framework and assess the economic potential.

Project Description: The first of two field seasons, the project will map and study the bedrock. Of major interest are the nature and origins of the rocks, their structures, economic potential, ages and possible correlations with similar rocks in other regions.