Yukon North Slope charr tagging project
Principal Investigator: Stabler, Matt (4)
Licence Number: 12403
Organization: Fisheries Joint Management Committee
Licenced Year(s): 1993
Issued: Jan 01, 1993
Project Team: monitor from Aklavik

Objective(s): To help determine the movements and distribution of the dolly varden charr present in the estuary off the Yukon North Slope following their dispersal from the summer feeding grounds; to help determine the location of the "silver" (i.e., non-spawning) portion of the Big Fish River cohort; to document the extent of charr stock mixing on the summer feeding ground (from the four river systems including the Babbage, Firth, Big Fish and Rat Rivers); to advance the training of the Aklavik charr monitors; to document the number of recaptured, previously tagged charr currently summering in the King Point area.

Project Description: Dolly varden charr that use the Babbage, Firth, Big Fish and Rat Rivers spend the summer months in the estuary off of the Yukon North Slope. It is not yet known to what extent charr from each of these rivers mix while they are together during the summer. The researchers will be at King Point during the course of other duties and will catch and radio tag ten charr in order to monitor the fish's movements. Fish will also be collected for contaminant analyses.