The Broad Whitefish Traditional Ecological Knowledge Study.
Principal Investigator: Freeman, Milton M.R. (4)
Licence Number: 12697
Organization: Canadian Circumpolar Institute
Licenced Year(s): 1994 1993 1992
Issued: Jan 01, 1994
Project Team: Dr. M. Stevenson; locally recruited fieldworkers

Objective(s): To thoroughly document Inuvialuit knowldge of the natural history and ecological relationships of the broad whitefish populations in the Mackenzie drainage basin and nearshore marine waters.

Project Description: The research team will carry out interviews with the Inuvialuit that are knowledgable about broad whitefish and its fishery in the local waters. Data to be obtained include information on the traditional fishery, changes to this fishery, knowledge about the breeding and feeding habits, migrations, parasites and diseases, and effects of the local environmental changes on whitefish.