Ground-based auroral observations in conjunction with the FAST satellite

Regions: South Slave Region

Tags: physical sciences, atmospheric sciences, aurora borealis, ionosphere

Principal Investigator: Hallinan, Thomas J. (1)
Licence Number: 12895
Organization: University of Alaska
Licenced Year(s): 1996
Issued: Nov 22, 1996
Project Team: Hans Stenback-Nielsen

Objective(s): Auroral observations are made in support of the NASA/FAST satellite mission and the associated International Auroral Sudy. The FAST satellite will make high time resolution measurements of the energetic particles resonsible for the optical aurora. The The observations will record the auroras created in the ionosphere below the satellite. Analysis of the observation should help us understand the processes responsible for auroras. The proposed camera will be one of five cameras observing the aurora, the other four being in Alaska. The pictures will be available for use by the international gorup of scientists participating in the International Aurora Study and also, through Internet access, by the general public.

Project Description: The observations will be made by an all-sky TV camera. The camera is computer controlled and should only require minimal attendance. The camera will record the auroras over Fort Smith with 1 minute resolution, storing the images on coputer disk and transferring them to the Internet. Hoping to use the Upper Air Station as this facility would be ideal for optical observations.