Butterfly fauna of the western Northwest Territories

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: invertebrates, wildlife habitat, butterfly, specimen collection

Principal Investigator: Nakamura, Ichiro (1)
Licence Number: 12917
Organization: State University of New York at Buffalo
Licenced Year(s): 1997
Issued: Jun 11, 1997
Project Team: Mitsuko Nakamura

Objective(s): A study of the butterfly fauna will be conducted in the western portion of the NWT along the Dempster Highway, particularly in the Richardson Mountains, for several days in late June and/or early July, covering as many varieties of habitats as possible. Toward this goal, butterflies will be observed and some specimens collected for definitive identification, and as representative samples of the local populations. This area, along with certain parts of the Yukon Territory and Alaska, supports a unique fauna and flora not found elsewhere in North America. Several species of butterflies occur only in Alaska & the Yukon Territory, although many of them are also found in Siberia and other parts of the Arctic. Some of these unique species may extend to the Richardson Mountains, but this needs to be examined. The relationships between the populations in this part of North America and those found elsewhere are still poorly understood, requiring additional studies.

Project Description: Butterflies will be observed and some specimens collected along the Dempster Highway in the western part of the NWT for several days in late June to early July. The areas to be covered will be limited to within a few miles from the road. Sample specimens will be secured to provide definitive identification and as representatives of the local populations. However, no unnecessary specimens will be collected, particularly female specimens. Plants will not be collected; if necessary, close-up photographs will be taken for the purpose of identification.