Reconstruction of forest structure and function in Canadian Taiga
Principal Investigator: Osawa, Akira (27)
Licence Number: 12924
Organization: Faculty of Intercultural Comm., Ryukoku University
Licenced Year(s): 1998 1997
Issued: Jun 20, 1997
Project Team: Nahoko Kurachi, Masumi Miyaura, Tomiyasu miyaura, Hiroo Yamada

Objective(s): The main objective of the proposed research is to reconstruct structure and functional quantities of forest communities in northern Canada during the past two centuries. Development of an appropriate reconstruction technique is also the purpose of the project. Rational is that if we could estimate accurately changes of the ecosystems that have already occurred during the past few centuries, we are likely to be able to predict what would happen to the forests in the future under the warming global climate.

Project Description: The research team consisting of forest ecologists, will go to Wood Buffalo National Park by air. A rental vehicle will also be used in the field. Most activities will consist of re-measuring jack pine stands that were examined in 1992. Various kinds of measuring tapes and a pole are used to obtain data. A few stands will be studies by taking stem samples for examination of tree rings and tree growth that occurred in the past. This will involve cutting about 30 trees of various sizes. Will minimize activity to the forest environment by selecting the trees for cutting by allowing enough distance between them.