Development of shallow seismic techniques to delineate gas hydrate deposits

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: physical sciences, geophysics, gas hydrates, geophysical exploration

Principal Investigator: Good, Ron (5)
Licence Number: 13029
Organization: NRCan - Geological Survey of Canada
Licenced Year(s): 1999
Issued: Mar 25, 1999
Project Team: Rick Miller, Xia Jianghai, Bill Doll, Jim Hunter, Robb Burns, Marten Douma

Objective(s): This is a joint research project involving the Geological Survey of Canada, The Kansas Geological Survey, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The thrust of this study will be to develop geophysical techniques to better define the spatial distribution of gas hydrate deposits, improving our understanding of the size and character of these resources.

Project Description: The survey will be carried out along two lines near the Mallik L-38 drill site, with phones at 3 m spacings. A number of energy sources will be tried. These will include an 8 gauge "Buffalo" gun, an elastic accelerated weight drop, a mini-vib system, and a hammer and plate. The Buffalo gun will require holes drilled every 3 m, its 500 grain 8 gauge shells are fired at 1 metre depth and have no impact on the surface. The vibro-seis, and weight drop sources will be loader mounted and have little impact on the terrain. The surveying and the phone and cable layout will be by snowmobile and small sleigh . The instrument shack will be light weight and loader moved.