Canadian Arctic Plants: Systematics and Evolution

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: biology, vegetation, botany, genetics, taxonomy, arctic flora

Principal Investigator: Gillespie, Lynn J. (6)
Licence Number: 13131
Organization: Canadian Museum of Nature
Licenced Year(s): 2003 2000
Issued: Jun 07, 2000
Project Team: Laurie Consual

Objective(s): This research is studying the morphological and genetic variation among arctic plants. The goals are to better define species and to write identification guides so that arctic plants may be more easily identified. This project will also be interested i

Project Description: The research team will make short visits to many sites in order to observe how plants vary morphologically and genetically from site to site across the arctic region. They will visit Mould Bay on Prince Patrick Island, Warrington Bay and McCormick Inlet on Melville Island. At each site the researchers will make observations on the morphology, ecology, reproductive biology, and distribution of each species under study. Collections will be made of 1-5 plants of each species. Part of each plant will be pressed, dried, and deposited as a voucher research specimen in the Canadian Museum of Nature. Another part of each plant will be preserved in silica gel for DNA analysis. Each site will be visited for 1-5 days. The team of 2-3 people will travel by PCSP helicopter to remote sites and set up 2-3 small backpacking tents as our camp.