Ambient Air Quality Study in the Vicinity of Inuvik: Gwich'in Settlement Area

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: physical sciences, petroleum industry, air quality, Mackenzie Gas Project

Principal Investigator: Unrau, Greg (1)
Licence Number: 13248
Organization: Golder Associates Ltd.
Licenced Year(s): 2002 2001
Issued: Aug 08, 2001
Project Team: Martin Rawlings, John Zupan, Elizabeth Lord, Wayne Speller

Objective(s): Imperial Oil Resources, Gulf Canada Resources Limited, Shell Canada Limited, and ExxonMobil Canada are planning to initiate a number of Biophysical Baseline Studies during 2001-2002 as part of a feasibility study for the Mackenzie Delta Gas Opportunity. Local knowledge and technical/scientific research, in combination with a synthesis of existing technical information, will be used to develop a suitable knowledge base for planning, assessment of impacts and development of environmental protection plans. TERA Environmental Consultants (TERA), in association with Kavik-AXYS Environmental Consulting Ltd., AMEC Earth and Environment Ltd., and Golder Associates Ltd., has been retained to conduct the baseline ambient air quality studies. The baseline air quality program will focus on the collection of data in the vicinity of Inuvik, as the Town was identified in a gap analysis as a key location for conducting ambient monitoring. The air quality station will be located between the Town of Inuvik and the tentative site of the compressor station. Air quality parameters to be be monitored will include sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ozone. The information collected will be invaluable in establishing the current air quality conditions near the Community and adjacent to the area where the proposed facility would be located.

Project Description: Ambient air quality data will be collected to the northeast of the Community of Inuvik. Monitored parameters will include sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ozone. These data will be collected by a series of passive sampling devices, that will require servicing on a monthly basis. The sample media will be changed out at the end of each month, and returned to the laboratory for detailed chemical analysis. Given the absense of industrial activity and sources of emissions in the immediate vicinity of the tentative facility, passive samplers are considered the most appropriate method for data collection. The footprint for the passive samplers in the vicinity of Inuvik is anticipated to be small (eg. < 0.5 ha). Following completion of the sampling program, all equipment wil be removed from the site. If ground areas have been detrimentally affected, the site will be re-seeded with a suitable seed mix for northern areas.