Devon Canada Test Ice Pad
Principal Investigator: Millman, Pete (2)
Licence Number: 13312
Organization: Devon Canada Corporation
Licenced Year(s): 2002
Issued: May 20, 2002
Project Team: Ron Thomso

Objective(s): The primary objective of this work is to investigate whether a full scale insulated ice pad is economically, structurally, and environmentally feasible in the Mackenzie Delta for the purpose of an exploratory drilling program. Additional objectives include: 1) collect data on thermal performance of an ice pad for use in subsequent designs; 2) collect information during ice pad construction to improve the efficiency of future ice pad construction; 3) better understand the thermal properties of materials used for an insulated ice pad; 4) evaluate the suitability of using woodchips overlaying the ice to act as insulating cover; 5) evaluate the thermal influence of mixing sawdust and wood chips with ice; and 6) determine the feasibility of using a hybrid passive active system to maintain the ice pad frozen year-round.