Water Quality Assessment and Climate History of Selected Ponds and Streams on Melville Island
Principal Investigator: Douglas, Marianne (1)
Licence Number: 13331
Organization: University of Toronto
Licenced Year(s): 2002 2000 1999
Issued: Jun 23, 2002
Project Team: John Smol,

Objective(s): The overall goal of the research is to more fully understand the present-day water quality of arctic lakes and ponds, and to attempt to determine if the water quality of these sites are changing as a result of, for example, recent climatic change or other disturbances. Past work has extended our data sets to a large number of sites in the Eastern Arctic and then recently, into the Western Arctic. There have been no published limnological analyses of the freshwaters of Melville Island. The researcher team would like to see how different lakes and ponds of Melville Island are, compared to their previous work across the Arctic. For example, in the Eastern High Arctic, they have data suggesting that these environments have changed significantly, perhaps partially due to climatic warming, since the 1800's. Of particular interest to residents of the region may be the large data-base of water quality variability for a large number of sites in the Arctic. Given the recent concerns about environmental and climatic change, this data may help track some of these changes.