Peel Plateau Area, Yukon and NWT Aeromagnetic Survey, Phase VI of Mackenzie Corridor Survey

Regions: Gwich'in Settlement Area

Tags: geology, magnetic field, geophysics, aerial survey, resource assessment

Principal Investigator: Kiss, Frank (7)
Licence Number: 13404
Organization: Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada
Licenced Year(s): 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999
Issued: Mar 14, 2003
Project Team: Airborne S

Objective(s): This survey will improve public knowledge and understanding of the geology of this area, as no publicly available magnetic coverage exists. Survey lines will be flown at a spacing of 880 metres and a 330 metre mean terrain clearance. The purpose of the survey is to record the variation in the earth's magnetic field caused by magnetic minerals contained in the rocks of the earth's crust. The patterns obtained are indicative of the subsurface geological structure and are used as an important element of geological mapping and resource exploration. This program of Regional Aeromagnetic Mapping has been carried out by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) since the late 1940s. The GSC is responsible for preparation of the survey contract and monitoring of the survey operation, while public distribution of the results is handled jointly through the Yukon Oil and Gas Management Branch and the GSC Geophysical Data Centre. The designated airborne Geophysical Survey company will acquire the data under contract to the GSC. The data will be published at completion of the project and will be made available for current scientific research projects.