Environmental Survey for EnCana ECA et al Begadeh Exploratory Wellsite Project
Principal Investigator: Newyar, Chuck (2)
Licence Number: 13437
Organization: Golder Associates
Licenced Year(s): 2003
Issued: Jun 10, 2003
Project Team: Fisheries

Objective(s): This survey is required to obtain specific environmental information to be used in support of land use permit and water licence applications for EnCana's proposed winter drilling program within the Tulita District of the Sahtu Settlement Area. Emphasis will be on ensuring that finalized project components (winter access, well drilling, camps, water use, etc.) have minimal impact on the environment. A review of existing literature and other available information, including documented sources of traditional knowledge, will first be conducted to identify gaps. This will help to focus field studies. The survey will include both aerial reconnaissance flights (travel by helicopter) and ground work (travel by foot and/or boat). Field studies will examine vegetation, fish habitat and lake bathymetry. Incidental observations of wildlife or their sign (e.g., dens, nests, tracks) will also be recorded.