Modified Phase II Environmental Site Assessment O-35 Wellsite
Principal Investigator: Miller, Samantha (6)
Licence Number: 13480
Organization: Alpine Environmental Ltd. / Nahendeh Land & Environmental Services
Licenced Year(s): 2003
Issued: Jul 03, 2003
Project Team: Shawna Mat

Objective(s): The objectives of this assessment are to conduct a site investigation to evaluate potential environmental impact associated with daily facility operations associated with the O-35 wellsite. In August 2002, an Environmental Site Assessment was conducted. The goal was to visually inspect the lease and, if any areas of concern were observed, field screen soil band obtain samples for laboratory analyses. The results indicated an area of subsidence along the pipelines and below the flare knockout drum and unnecessary debris lying on the lease site. No potential impact was observed, thus no soil or water samples were obtained for analyses. The 2003 environmental assessment of the wellsite and associated facilities may include: a walk-around of the lease area; identifying additional environmental issues, if any; and field screening the soil and obtaining samples for laboratory analysis to indicate whether any clean-up is required. Transportation to and from the site will be conducted via helicopter out of Fort Liard.