Community Fire Project
Principal Investigator: Lanoville, Rick (2)
Licence Number: 13496
Organization: GNWT - RWED, Forest Management Division
Licenced Year(s): 2004 2003
Issued: Jun 18, 2003
Project Team: Canadian F

Objective(s): Guidelines for forest fuel treatments for protecting homes and communities from the threat of wildland fire have never been scientifically tested. The failure of the treated portion of a plot that was burned during the International Crown Fire Experiments to reduce fire behaviour has cast serious doubt on these guidelines. The objective of this project is to use experimental prescribed burns to evaluate the effectiveness of forest fuel treatments and sprinkler systems in protecting homes and communities from wildfires. These experiments will be combined with on-the-job training for young adults from Fort Providence and Elders will have an opportunity to teach young adults and students about the traditional use of the land and instill in them a greater appreciation of traditional values and spiritual connectedness. The Deh Gah School will also be involved in the teaching of renewable resource sciences and traditional values to students. The project will result in guidelines for forest fuel management that will be used across the Northwest Territories and throughout North America. The Hamlet of Fort Providence will develop a forest fuel management plan, concurrent with the project, and apply the research results to reduce fire hazards in the forest area surrounding the community.