Tuktoyaktuk Place Names Project
Principal Investigator: Hart, Elisa J. (8)
Licence Number: 13512
Organization: Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre
Licenced Year(s): 2005 2004 2003
Issued: Jul 23, 2003
Project Team: Beverly Am

Objective(s): The objective of this project is to work with Tuktoyaktuk elders and possibly some younger people to obtain more in-depth information on an existing list of traditionally used places. The currently compiled information on place names, their meaning, description and location is rather brief. There is currently little information on this topic available for use in local history, geography and language classes. There will be a strong language component in this work, as the researchers will try to document terms and concepts related to the land that are in the old form of Siglitun. It is important to collect this type of information from older elders who lived and traveled in areas that are not used as extensively today as they were in the past. Any previously undocumented place names will also be investigated. Where possible, information on named places will be collected by conducting interviews at the places themselves, because peoples' memories of the places are refreshed when they are there. Tapes will be translated and verified over the fall and early winter. Meetings will take place with the Tuktoyaktuk Elders Committee to review and decide on the content of the report. The final product will be a publication written for schools and Inuvialuit in general that provides an overview of traditionally used places.