Non-renewable Resource Assessment, Gwich'in Conservation Zones
Principal Investigator: Lariviere, James (1)
Licence Number: 13515
Organization: C.S. Lord Northern Geoscience Centre; Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Geology Division
Licenced Year(s): 2003
Issued: Jul 25, 2003
Project Team: Leonard Ga

Objective(s): The objective of this fieldwork is to assess the non-renewable resources of the Richardson Mountains study area using geochemical sampling and analysis. This work is a requirement for the approval of the Gwich'in Land Use Plan by the federal government. Helicopter-supported geotechnical sampling will be based out of Fort McPherson. Unconsolidated sand and gravel samples will be collected with the use of hand shovels from stream and river bars. The sample sites will be accessed by helicopter and samples will be transported back to the base. Sample sizes will vary from less than 1 kg to as much as 25 kg. Plastic bags and pails will be used to hold the samples.