Extreme Flooding Events in the Mackenzie River Basin

Regions: Gwich'in Settlement Area, Sahtu Settlement Area, Dehcho Region

Tags: physical sciences, climatology, hydrology, flooding, water level, ice jams, Mackenzie River, hydrometric monitoring

Principal Investigator: de Rham, Laurent (1)
Licence Number: 13575
Organization: University of Victoria
Licenced Year(s): 2004
Issued: Mar 26, 2004
Project Team: Tom Carter

Objective(s): It is known that extreme flood levels within the Mackenzie River Basin are caused by ice jamming events. Analysis of open water versus ice influenced water levels at several sites within the Mackenzie River Basin will provide further quantification of this fact. River cross section measurements will be used to model 'equilibrium jam' conditions which predict the maximum water levels possible at a river site according to specified hydrologic and climatological parameters. Results will stress the importance of publishing water levels by hydrometric programs in ice affected regions.