Wecho River Geological Mapping Project
Principal Investigator: Ootes, Luke (5)
Licence Number: 13614
Organization: C.S. Lord Northern Geoscience Centre
Licenced Year(s): 2004 2003
Issued: May 18, 2004
Project Team: Sarah Buse

Objective(s): Wecho River project area is in the Slave Structural Province of the Northwest Territories, approximately 100 km north-northwest of Yellowknife. Geological data on the area is sparse and limited to 1:250 000 regional mapping by the Geological Survey of Canada in the late 1940s. Aerially restricted information on the area is contained within mining industry assessment reports. The geology of the area is poorly understood and no modern geoscience data-sets are available. The objective of this mapping project is to define the structural, metamorphic, lithological and geochemical bedrock characteristics of the area, and provide this information in an updated geological database. This is the second year of a two-year project. Data obtained will further the scientific knowledge of the area, as well as aid in mineral exploration such as for diamonds or gold deposits.