Environmental Effects Monitoring for Miramar Con Mine Ltd. and Miramar Giant Mine Ltd.
Principal Investigator: Schryer, Richard P (2)
Licence Number: 13625
Organization: Golder Associates Ltd.
Licenced Year(s): 2004 2003
Issued: May 20, 2004
Project Team: Dave Caugh

Objective(s): Under the new Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (Fisheries Act), an Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) program is required to determine the effects of mine effluent on fish and fish habitat. As part of the study, water quality and aquatic organism health are monitored in both the exposure areas (sites exposed to effluent) and reference areas (sites not exposed to effluent). Comparisons between the two sites are made to determine if the mine effluent is having a significant effect on the receiving waterbodies and the aquatic organisms (i.e. fish and macro-invertebrates) inhabiting them.