Social-Ecological Indicators for Community Based Monitoring and Resource Management
Principal Investigator: Parlee, Brenda L (16)
Licence Number: 13718
Organization: University of Manitoba
Licenced Year(s): 2004 2003
Issued: Aug 31, 2004
Project Team: Christine

Objective(s): The goal of this project is to examine sustainable forest management through social-ecological indicators of community and ecosystem health in the Gwich'in Settlement Area, NWT. The growing body of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) that has been documented in the last two decdes has provided insights into the relationships between indigenous communities and their environment. Land-based cultures require healthy ecosystems; hence healthy communities require healthy environments. Until recently the main area of study has been in the area of environment and resource management; relatively little attention has been focused on the social dimension of the human environment relationship. This gap will be addressed by developing social-ecological health indicators based on local TEK, with particular attention to forest ecosystems and non-timber related resources. This study also proposes to find ways to integrate social-ecological indicators into a participatory resource management framework . Contributions will be made to the theories of managing multifunctional forest environments, while generating practical tools to address both community and environmental health issues.