Holocene Environment Change Across Treeline, Mackenzie Delta Region
Principal Investigator: Pisaric, Michael FJ (17)
Licence Number: 13756
Organization: Carleton University
Licenced Year(s): 2008 2007 2006 2005
Issued: Mar 14, 2005
Project Team: Donald You

Objective(s): The program objectives are to 1) enhance the understanding of environmental conditions in the Mackenzie Delta region; 2) examine the effects of global climate change on the climate and environment in the study region; and 3) develop a knowledge base that can be directly applied to environmental decision making in the context of planning, assessment and management of oil and gas related development. Specific studies include: 1) investigating changes in vegetation cover in the Inuvik region during the past 10,000 years using fossil pollen and stomata preserved in lake sediment; 2) investigating the importance of disturbance in northern forests during the past 10,000 years by analyzing macroscopic charcoal particles contained in lake sediment; and 3) examining more recent environmental change by examining the growth records of trees in the Mackenzie Delta.