Environmental soil chemistry at abandoned drilling mud-sumps in the Kendall Island Bird Sanctuary, Mackenzie Delta Region
Principal Investigator: Biggar, Kevin (2)
Licence Number: 13758
Organization: Univerity of Alberta
Licenced Year(s): 2006 2005
Issued: Mar 07, 2005
Project Team: Steven Kok

Objective(s): Since the 1970's, the oil and gas industry has drilled at least 19 exploratory wells in the Kendall Island Bird Sanctuary, but there is a shortage of field data describing environmental conditions at the well-sites and drilling-mud sumps. This study will 1) examine the structure of soil and ice in the active layer and permafrost, and 2) examine the chemical composition of the soils to evaluate the effectiveness of permafrost containment on sumps that have been in place for decades. The researchers anticipate that the findings of the study will help decision-makers in reviewing or planning any future permafrost containment activities.