Long-Term Copper Inuit - European Intersocietal Interaction
Principal Investigator: Johnson, Donald S. (4)
Licence Number: 13819
Organization: University of Manitoba, and, Lakehead University
Licenced Year(s): 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Issued: May 31, 2005
Project Team: Jack Kataoyak (Research Asst., Holman, NT), Aaron Kimiksana (Research Asst., Holman, NT)

Project Description: During the summer of 2005, the researcher plans to complete his research on the processes of long-term Copper Inuit - Euopean intersocietal interaction during the 19th and 20th centuries. As well, the researcher will deliver a holistic presentation to the community of Holman on all findings to date. Research priorities this year include doing additional oral interviews, fact-checking, a final archaeological survey, and holding discussions with the community concerning the current project and future proposed projects.

Equipment to be used includes an outboard boat, cassette recording equipment, and standard and digital cameras for recording activities. Standard camping/field equipment will be used. The project team will meet in Holman in mid-July, review progress to date, and initiate interviews and various meetings with community representitives. The team will travel by boat to Walker Bay-Minto Inlet and environs to complete their archaeological survey before returning to Holman to complete interviews and to prepare for and deliver holistic presentations to the community of Holman. Reports, publications (including a final report), and papers will be prepared and published/delivered. Copies of all reports are provided to the community of Holman and other institutions.

This is the third year of the project which has been done in cooperation with the Community of Holman, and several organizations therein, including the Holman Community Corporation, Olohaktomuit HTC, schools, and special programs. Additionally, a number of individuals within the community regularly work with the project as field assistants, interpreters, provide logistical support, etc. Elders are interviewed according to strict ethical protocols, and compensated for time and knowledge.
The study will be conducted at Holman and Walker Bay-Minto Inlet, NWT.