Establishment of Permanent Monitoring Plots in the NWT

Regions: Gwich'in Settlement Area, Sahtu Settlement Area, Dehcho Region

Tags: vegetation, cumulative effects

Principal Investigator: Smith, Lisa (4)
Licence Number: 13864
Organization: Forest Management Division, ENR, GNWT
Licenced Year(s): 2005
Issued: Jun 29, 2005

Project Description: The Permanent Monitoring Plots will provide experimental data on forest growth and progression, cumulative impact monitoring, and will provide data for territorial and national reporting requirements.

Most plots will be accessed only by helicopter. At each site, a 400 square metre plot (11.28 m radius) will be established with rebar as a centre post. All trees, shrubs and other vegetation will be measured or identified within the plot. A soil pit will be dug outside the plot to identify soil type and then backfilled. Four, 1 square metre, plots will be established where small vegetation (herbs, forbs) and leaf litter will be collected for biomass analysis.

Personnel from the Forest Management Division of ENR are available to visit and present information on this study to interested community members. The GNWT is developing a long term re-measurement strategy, with emphasis on training a northern contractor to take over the annual re-measurement of plots.

The study will be conducted at various sites throughout the Gwich'in Settlement Area, the Sahtu Settlement Area and the Deh Cho Region, from June 30 to September 30, 2005.