Aquatic Studies in support of the Discovery Mine Remediation Work
Principal Investigator: Ford, Bruce S (1)
Licence Number: 13906
Organization: Gartner Lee Limited
Licenced Year(s): 2005
Issued: Aug 18, 2005
Project Team: Sharleen Hamm (Lead Field Technician, Gartner Lee Limited), Rauri Carthew (Field Technican, Gartner Lee Limited)

Project Description: This study involves fish sampling to determine relative abundance and levels of mercury and other metals in fish tissue in Giauque Lake, Thistlethwaite Lake and Control Lake A, as well as benthic invertebrate sampling and water quality sampling in the three lakes to complement the fish sampling. 3 sites in Giauque, 3 in Thistlethwaite and one in Control Lake A will be recorded. Captured fish will be weighed and measured. Fish sacrificed for tissue sampling will also be sexed, aged and sexual maturity recorded. Approximately 20 each of lake trout, whitefish and longnose suckers will be collected from Giauque and 15 of each from Thistlethwaite and Control Lake A. Benthic sampling will include the same number of sample sites for each lake. Water quality sampling will inlcude temperate and dissolved oxygen profiles, pH and conductivity from each sampling site.

A report summarizing the findings will be submitted to INAC.
The study is centered around the abandon Discovery Mine Site on western shore of Giauque Lake. Sampling will take place in Giauque Lake, Thistlethwaite Lake and a lake refereed to as Control Lake A, situated about 4 km north of Thistlethwaite Lake