Dogrib Textual Studies

Regions: North Slave Region

Tags: social sciences, knowledge transfer, Tlîchô

Principal Investigator: Saxon, Leslie A. (10)
Licence Number: 13911
Organization: University of Victoria
Licenced Year(s): 2005 2004 2003
Issued: Aug 30, 2005
Project Team: Rosa Mantla (research associate, Tli\cho\ Community Services Agency), Philip Rabesca (research associate, Tli\cho\ Community Services Agency), Keren Rice (research associate, University of Toronto), Mary Adele Mackenzie (researcher), Mary Koyina Richardson (research associate, Aurora College, Yellowknife), Georgina Chocolate (research associate, Tli\cho\ Community Services Agency), Aliki Marinakis (researcher, University of Victoria), Joseph Martel (researcher, M.I.T.), Roseanna Mantla (research advisor), Michel Louis Rabesca (research advisor)

Project Description: Working together with Tli\cho\ communities, the two main research goals are to publish books and CDs of Tli\cho\ stories about travel, and to train Tli\cho\ people and university students in language research.

The research will be done in the Tli\cho\ area and at the University of Victoria. Stories on tape and stories collected through interviews will be written down by researchers, sorted out and selected by the research team, and compiled into books and CDs for children and adults. This is quite a long-term project because it takes time to write stories in the Tli\cho\ language and work on translations into English. The research will be shared with community people through meetings, and with other university people through conferences.

The research meetings involve 10-12 community workers, including leaders. They are held several times a year. In 2005 or 2006 a community meeting is planned to publicize the research. When the books and CDs that we are working on become available, this will be the research results for everyone to see.

The research is community-based and involves several community members as researchers, research associates, and research advisors. The community research associates and advisors provide direction for the research. The researchers are paid through the SSHRC grant, and other team members are paid for their contributions. All team members engage in the research as an educational experience. The research focusses on social, cultural, and educational matters relating to Dogrib (Tli\cho\) language and culture.
The study will be conducted at Primarily in Rae-Edzo, but possibly in other Tli\cho\ communities.