Hydrological Studies, Mackenzie Delta Region
Principal Investigator: Marsh, Philip (31)
Licence Number: 13945
Organization: Environment Canada
Licenced Year(s): 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Issued: Feb 22, 2006
Project Team: Cuyler Onclin (Field Staff, Env Can/NWRI), Mark Russell (Field Staff, Env Can/NWRI), Philip Marsh (Lead, Env Can/NWRI)

Project Description: The project includes studies on the rates and processes controlling snow accumulation, snowmelt, water flux through snow, and exchange of water between snow cover, active layer and permafrost. The effect of snow or soil temperature regime and vegetation types on runoff processes, evaporation processes, and development of physically-based, predictive models of snowmelt runoff will also be studied in improving techniques for predicting a wide range of environmental impacts on northern areas.

Data collection will take place at existing meteorological stations located at Trail Valley Creek and Havikpak Creek, at a variety of locations on northern Richards Island, Zed Creek and Hans Creek. The Trail Valley Creek and Richards Island sites will be accessed by helicopter and snowmobile this year, while the Havikpak Creek site will be accessed by foot and snowmobile. Fieldwork will entail short (one to two weeks) trips in April, June and September to conduct such activities as pre-melt snow surveys and stream flow measurements. In April, activities at each site will include the downloading of data from the data-loggers on site, and the measurement of snow on the ground. The short trips in June and September will be undertaken to conduct instrument maintenance. Instrumentation at each site will include a variety of weather instruments and instruments for measuring soil temperature, soil moisture, water depth, and the energy balance of the land surface. During each visit, there will be two to three members of the field crew present.
The study will be conducted at Trail Valley Creek (68.7° 133.5°), Havikpak Creek (68.3° 133.5°), northern Richards Island, Zed Creek (68.9° 133.4°) and Hans Creek (68.86° 133.59°) during the periods, April 15-30, June 1-30, and September 1-15, 2006.