Yukon North Slope Grizzly Bear Project - Traditional and Local Knowledge Component

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: traditional knowledge, wildlife, wildlife management, grizzly bear

Principal Investigator: Russell, Kyle (1)
Licence Number: 13946
Organization: Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope)
Licenced Year(s): 2006
Issued: Feb 22, 2006
Project Team: Ramona Maraj (YG Carnivore Biologist, YTG Department of Environment ), Barney Smith (YG Community Knowledge Program Biologist, YTG Department of Environment), Lindsay Staples (WMAC (NS) Chair, WMAC (NS)), Michelle Sicotte (WMAC (NS) Secretariat (Project Supervisor), WMAC (NS)), Kyle Russell (Researcher/ Interviewer, WMAC (NS))

Project Description: This project is a part of a six-year research project conducted conjointly by Parks Canada, the Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee, the Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope) and the Department of Environment, Yukon Territorial Government. The aim of the project is to gather information on grizzly bear activities, numbers and distribution through interviews with local hunters and land users. Information will also be gathered on current and past uses of grizzly bears to identify any ongoing changes in use patterns. A final objective of this project is to identify where problematic bear/human encounters occur and to provide some possible reasons for these encounters. This information will assist in informing and shaping grizzly bear management decisions in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

Interviews will be organized in collaboration with the Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee, including the selection of participants. Interview schedules and questions will be shared with participants prior to interviews. Approximately ten interviews will be conducted with Aklavik bear hunters and other land users. Interviews will be audio-taped, transcribed, and then analyzed to produce summary reports. Copies of tapes, transcripts and summaries of the interviews will be given to each participant with original copies deposited with the Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee. The results of the project will be discussed in meetings with the community, and copies of final reports and any additional products will be provided to interview participants and the Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee.
The study will be conducted from February 22 to April 30, 2006 within the municipal bounds of Aklavik.