SHARING OUR SUCCESS: Ten Case Studies in Aboriginal Schooling
Principal Investigator: Tolley, Charles (Chuck) H (1)
Licence Number: 14005
Organization: Soceity for the Advancement of Excellence in Education
Licenced Year(s): 2006
Issued: Jun 14, 2006
Project Team: Jackie Moore-Daigle (Site Researcher - Ontario, Queens Univerity), Blair Stevenson (Site Researcher - Nunavut & Ontario, Silta Associates), Tracey Wade (Site Researcher - Atlantic Canada, Chignecto Consulting Group)

Project Description: The objectives are to determine the success factors at Chief Jimmy Bruneau School and to publish these in a final report that will provide evidence-based information and recommendations that other aboriginal schools could incorporate into improving education for aboriiginal students.

The research will take place at Chief Jimmy Bruneau School in Bechoko. Interviews will take place with a variety of stakeholders. A focus group with parents will also be used to obtain data. Approximately seven days of on-site visits will be involved. The schedule will be developed with the principal of the school and the local education authority.

Data gathered during the interview process will be transcribed and provided to the individuals for their review. A copy of the draft case study will be submitted to the education authority and school administrators for their review and approval. A public presentation on the final report will be made to both the local education authority (RESS) and the TCSA.

The parents and elected school authority (RESS) will be consulted in the data gathering process and will be involved in the review of the various stages of the case study. Chief Jimmy Bruneau School is seen as an exemplary school which has developed a number of inovative strategies for success. Other aboriginal schools in both the NWT and Canada in General might possibly benefit from learning about these strategies in developing education programs to improve student success.
The study will be conducted from May 29th - December 29th, 2006 at Chief Jimmy Bruneau School in Bechoko (formerly Edzo).