A418 Fish Salvage

Regions: North Slave Region

Tags: water quality, mining impacts, fish habitat, fish sampling, habitat loss

Principal Investigator: Wytrychowski, Scott I (12)
Licence Number: 14035
Organization: Diavik Diamond Mines Inc
Licenced Year(s): 2006
Issued: Jul 24, 2006
Project Team: Scott Wytrychowski (Enviornment Manager, Diavik), Scott MacNeill (Project Manager, Golder Associates), Jacek Patalas (Sr. Biologist, Golder Associates), Bill Tibble (Biologist, Golder Associates), Sean Faulkner (Biologist, Golder Associates)

Project Description: Diavik Diamond Mine requires construction of a system of water retention dikes in Lac de Gras to facilitate open-pit mining under dry conditions. The water retention dikes will result in a loss of fish habitat within the footprint of each dike. Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. (DDMI) has received authorization to construct the dikes in Lac de Gras. As a condition of the project’s authorization, Diavik plans to salvage fish from all water bodies that will be lost or altered. Study timing, methods of fish collection, care and handling of fish, and morphological measurements will be documented.

Field crew equipped with a boat, depth sounder, GPS unit, and fish sampling equipment will complete the project. A fish transfer station will be established at a suitable location on the Lac de Gras side of the A154/A418 dike, where all fish release to Lac de Gras will occur. Field measurements conducted will include daily water quality measurements (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and specific conductivity). In addition, a water quality depth profile for each parameter will be conducted weekly in the deepest location within the dike area. Base camp will be established at the Diavik Mine, located approximately 300 km north of Yellowknife at Lac de Gras (64°30'N 110° 30' W).
Diavik will provide updates to communities, and a summary report on all its environmental programs once a year in its Environmental Agreement Report.

Fieldwork will take place from July 24 to October 1, 2006.