Structure and Carbon Dynamics of Boreal Forests in Discontinuous and Continuous Permafrost Zones
Principal Investigator: Osawa, Akira (28)
Licence Number: 14041
Organization: Ryukoku University, Faculty of Intercultural Communication
Licenced Year(s): 2019 2018 2016 2015 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Issued: Jul 27, 2006
Project Team: Nahoko Osawa-Kurachi (Scientist (forest litter analysis), Hiraoka Forest Institute), Hatena Osawa (Field assistant), Akira Osawa (Principal Investigator, Ryukoku University and Kyoto University)

Project Description: The possibility of climate warming demands detailed analysis of the carbon budget in boreal forest ecosystems as they may be major carbon sinks. The data from previous years suggest that forests may be losing carbon to the atmosphere. Due to large annual variation in carbon accumulation, measurements covering several years are necessary.

Soil and air temperature, and soil moisture will be measured. Forest litter will be collected with the litter traps. Soil respiration rate will be measured with a portable infrared gas analyzer. Several trees will be cut using a small hand saw, and various parts weighed. Annual growth of fine roots will be estimated by recovering thin soil columns placed earlier. Black spruce stands will be temporarily marked and their stand density, stem diameter, and stem height will be measured non-destructively.

Forest stands along Highway #5 west of Fort Smith near Wood Buffalo National Park will be studied. A presentation of the study will be given to the local community if requested.
The study will be conducted from August 3- 20, 2006 at the following locations: 1) forest stands adjacent to and along Highway #5, between the park boundary west of Fort Smith and Angus Tower in Wood Buffalo National Park (Study area a); and 2) black spruce stands outside of Wood Buffalo National Park and along Highway #5, between the park boundary west of Fort Smith and the intersection between the road leading to Thebacha Campground and Highway #5 (excluding the settlement near Salt River)(Study area b).