Surficial mapping southern Mackenzie Valley
Principal Investigator: Duk-Rodkin, Alejandra ADR (6)
Licence Number: 14047
Organization: Geological Survey of Canada
Licenced Year(s): 2007 2006 2005 2004
Issued: Jul 05, 2006
Project Team: David Huntley (geologist, GSC), Catherine Sidwell (Field assistant - Msc student, GSC), Holly Arnold (Field assistant - underg. student , GSC), Rene Berendregt (geologist, University of Lethbridge), Cindy Livingstone (cook , GSC), Edward Little (geologist, GSC), Gerry Osborn (visiting scientist, University of Calgary)

Project Description: This project involves surficial geology mapping of unmapped areas of NTS 95 G, H, and I, (61ºN to 63ºN and 120ºW to 124ºW) to assess granular resources, slope instability (landslide occurrence and potential) due to instability of the active layer, forest fires, erosion, and other factors, and regional geochemical analysis of till and gravel samples.

The GSC will be working to improve our understanding of the limits to glaciation, subglacial processes, meltwater drainage patterns, glacial lake history, groundwater, aggregate potential and slope stability along and adjacent to the proposed pipeline corridor in the Fort Simpson area.
Project objectives are to map, describe geotechnically, and date surficial deposits in the vicinity of the proposed pipeline corridor. Mapping surficial deposits will help to delimit the distribution of surficial deposits and landforms in Mackenzie River watershed and better define the regional limits, styles and chronology of glaciations, interglacial stages, and post-glacial tectonic evolution of the Nahanni area.
Using shovels only, samples of soil and rock (approximately 2 kg) will be taken for geochemical analysis and placed in plastic bags. Access will be by helicopter and truck. A field camp may be set up at the mouth of Flat River.
Workshops and school presentations will be given in Fort Simpson at the end of the field season if there is interest from the community. A poster depicting the glacial history of the Nahanni area will be given to the Park.
Field studies and sampling will take place in the area of NTS map sheets 95 G, H and I (61ºN to 63ºN and 120ºW to 124ºW) in the general area of Fort Simpson, NWT