Devon Tuk 2 Gas Development 2006 Field Assessment Program
Principal Investigator: Chiperzak, Doug (5)
Licence Number: 14062
Organization: Kavik-AXYS
Licenced Year(s): 2006
Issued: Aug 14, 2006
Project Team: Todd Kemper (Researcher - Vegetation , Kavik-AXYS ), David Williams (Researcher - Terrain, Soils and Permafrost , Kavik-AXYS ), Richard Wiacek (Researcher - Wildlife , Kavik-AXYS ), Wendy Unfreed (Researcher - Heritage Resources , Kavik-AXYS )

Project Description: Biophysical and heritage resource surveys will take place in late summer and fall, and contribute to the assessment of a potential development projects (the Tuk 2 M-18 well site and connecting pipeline to Parsons Lake and the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline) located in the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula, about 12 km southeast of Tuktoyaktuk and 125 km northeast of Inuvik.

The field assessment will involve four separate surveys: grizzly bear denning; vegetation; terrain, soils and permafrost; and heritage resource surveys. The surveys will be comprised of aerial surveys and field visits. Information will be used to assess routing options for the potential pipeline.

Aerial surveys will be conducted to identify sites and features of interest, followed by ground visits using equipment such as cameras, GPS, binoculars, collection materials, and maps. Determination soil types, moisture conditions and other terrain characteristics could include sampling of near surface soils. Where archaeological sites are identified, detailed recording and artifact collection will occur. Information about identified sites will be shared with local communities, site significance determined. The assessment will be accomplished with the aid of a local wildlife monitor. All transport will be from Tuktoyaktuk, daily by helicopter.

Reports on the program will be sent to the communities.
Fieldwork will be carried out from August 14 to September 30, 2006 in and around the Tuk 2 M-18 well site, and within a 20km-wide corridor from M-18 to the proposed Parsons Lake facility.