Sahtu Gravity Survey, 2006
Principal Investigator: Millman, Peter M (5)
Licence Number: 14072
Organization: Devon Canada Corporation
Licenced Year(s): 2007 2006
Issued: Sep 07, 2006
Project Team: Terry Hughes (Community Affairs, Devon Canada Corporation), John Hughes (Operations Coordinator, Devon Canada Corporation)

Project Description: Devon Canada’s Sahtu Gravity Survey, 2006 has been designed in an effort to prioritize the seismic data acquisition (seismic lines) for a joint Talisman-Devon seismic program proposed within the project area during the winter of 2006-07. The gravity survey is a reconnaissance tool that allows geophysical data to be acquired over a large area in a short amount of time, and upon processing and interpretation will further refine potential oil and gas exploration opportunities. For the proposed project area, gravity data will be used to map the surface of the Proterozoic. Talisman, on behalf of a Talisman-Devon partnership, is currently planning seismic operations within the area of Devon’s proposed gravity survey. The information obtained from Devon’s gravity survey will allow Devon and Talisman to locate seismic lines with greater confidence and precision, thereby increasing the quality of the seismic data.

The survey area covers a total area of 4,615 km² near Deline. The program will require 1,192 gravity stations (data points) at a spacing of approximately 2 km. An average production rate of 80 stations per day has been anticipated. With reasonable operating conditions the project will be completed.
Three helicopters will be required for this project. Two Hughes 500s will be used as longline helicopters to collect gravity data. The Hughes 500 is ideal for this longline operation as the helicopter is small and manoeuvreable. The third support helicopter will be used for operations such as GPS base set-up and slinging fuel to remote fuel caches. This helicopter will be either a Hughes 500 or a Jet Ranger. Each helicopter will be equipped with a survival kit, FM/UHF/VHF radios, and navigation equipment.

Mobilization of equipment and personnel to the project area will commence pending permits and support of the project by the community. The schedule includes a small contingency for potential work delays due to weather and equipment malfunction.

The results of the project will be communicated to the communities either verbally or in writing at the request of the community. The Deline Land Corporation will be kept informed of the progress of the project and the outcome. The end result of the project will be slight modifications of seismic lines for a winter 2006-07 program. The repositioning of seismic lines will also be communicated to the regulatory bodies licensing the seismic program (National Energy Board and Sahtu Land and Water Board).

The gravity survey will be conducted from September 7-30, 2006 at locations in the Great Bear Lake area ranging between 65.5º N to 66.3 º N and 122.2 º W to 124.5 º W.