2008 Aquatic Monitoring Program
Principal Investigator: Wen, Marc (6)
Licence Number: 14398
Organization: Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.
Licenced Year(s): 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Issued: Jul 22, 2008
Project Team: Erin Forster (Aquatic Biologist, Rescan), Maria Sotiropoulos (Fisheries Biologist, Rescan), Jason Rempel (Hydrologist, Rescan), Tonia Robb (Aquatic Biologist, Rescan), Erin Kelly (Fisheries Biologist), Judith Eigenbrod (Aquatic Biologist, Rescan), Francois Landry (Fisheries Biologist, Rescan), David Fauquier (Fisheries Biologist, Rescan), Stephanie Miller (Fisheries Biologist, Rescan), Adrienne Turcott (Aquatic Biologist, Rescan), Genevieve Morinville (Fisheries Biologist, Rescan), Garett Cooper (Fisheries Biologist), Strahan Tucker (Fisheries Biologist), Eric Demers (Fisheries Biologist), Rider Petch (Fisheries Biologist), Trevor Davies (Fisheries Biologist), Jamie Steele (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Wendy Bidwell (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Jorgen Bolt (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Andrew Nichols (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Leslie Coe (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Richard Ehlert (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Julie Ellison (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Sarah Baines (Assistant, BHP Billiton), David Abernathy (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Kristin Moore (Field Assistant, BHP Billiton), Lee Ross (Field Assistant, BHP Billiton), Tannis Bolt (Field Assistant, BHP Billiton), Lena Adjun (Field Assistant, BHP Billiton), Misty Bloomstrand (Field Assistant, BHP Billiton), Brad McInnes (Field Assistant, BHP Billiton), Marissa Schultz (Field Assistant, BHP Billiton), Jimmy Arrowmaker (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Donald Cadieux (Assistant, BHP Billiton), James Sanguez (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Joe Heron (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Aimee Briseboise (Assistant, BHP Billiton), Christine Kent (Wildlife Technician, Rescan), Katherine Enns (Wildlife Technician), Soren Jensen (Environmental Engineer, Rescan), Maria Sotiropoulos (Fisheries Biologist, Rescan)

Objective(s): This research will characterize baseline and post-baseline conditions in the lakes and streams near areas of current and pending mining activity.

Project Description: This research will characterize baseline and post-baseline conditions in the lakes and streams near areas of current and pending mining activity. This will be the 11th year of post-baseline data collected in the Koala Watershed and the 8th year of post-baseline data collected in the King-Cujo Watershed as a part of EKATI’s Aquatic Effects Monitoring Program. It will also be the 10th year of monitoring the fish populations of the Panda Diversion Channel (PDC). As a part of these past initiatives, baseline data will be collected from lakes and streams within and near the Horseshoe Watershed in anticipation of future developments. The monitored parameters include: hydrology, meteorology, water quality, limnology, sediment quality, phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos, fish habitat, and fish communities (physical characteristics and sampling of tissue for metals analysis).

On site research personnel and equipment will be transported to and from lake sites by helicopter. A small boat equipped with an outboard motor will be used to collect the samples from the lakes. A maximum of 20 lake trout and 20 round whitefish will be sampled for tissue analysis in a few lakes.

Results from the research will be made publicly available through BHP Billiton’s submissions to the Water Board and will be presented in a Final Summary Report that describes highlights of the program.
Fieldwork will be conducted from July 22 to December 31, 2008 at numerous locations within the EKATI mineral land claim boundary. A detailed list can be obtained through the researcher or in the licence application #788. The base camp will be in the EKATI Diamond Mine.