Assessment of Fisheries Potential of the Tuktoyaktuk to Source 177 All-Weather Road Impact Area
Principal Investigator: Krizan, Julia (14)
Licence Number: 14537
Organization: IMG-Golder Corporation
Licenced Year(s): 2009
Issued: Jun 15, 2009
Project Team: Julia Krizan (Project Manager, IMG-Golder, Inuvik), Paula Smith (Field Biologist, Golder Associates, Yellowknife), Christina Wilsdon (Research Technician, IMG-Golder, Inuvik), Grant Clarke (Senior Archaeologist, Golder Associates, Yellowknife)

Objective(s): The objectives of this project is to characterize the habitats and shorelines of the streams that would be crossed by the Tuktoyaktuk to Source 177 all-weather road.

Project Description: The objectives of this project are to characterize the habitats and shorelines of the streams that would be crossed by the Tuktoyaktuk to Source 177 all-weather road. The impact area will be recorded and referenced with Global Positioning System (GPS) locations. The information will be transferred to a Geographic Information System (GIS) to complete a habitat map for the area.

The Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk is constructing a 22-km all-weather road from the community south to a gravel source known as "Source 177" which is located on Inuvialuit-owned 7(1)a lands. Gravel from the site is needed for any roadwork and other construction done in and around the community. The road will cross eight streams. All stream crossing locations will be examined in detail to characterize the habitats (e.g., channel widths, water velocity, bed material, salinity) as well as shoreline characteristics (e.g., substrate type, vegetation, gradient). To conduct these surveys efficiently, samples may be taken of soil, water and/or vegetation.

The stream crossing locations will be accessed by helicopter and investigated on-foot. Information on the area's soil, water and vegetation characteristics will be recorded in field notebooks, on digital camera and with GPS units. Where necessary, soil, water and / or vegetation may be sampled to provide further information (e.g., soil stratigraphy, water mineral content, plant species identification). Fish sampling will also occur in some of the streams (permitted through the Department of Fisheries and Oceans). Sampling will incorporate quality assurance and quality control measures and follow standardized protocols, adhering to all applicable regulations.
Within the specified time range of June 15 2009 to July 15 2009, the field team will only be conducting investigations for a total of TWO 12-hour DAYS.

During field work an Inuvialuit Wildlife Monitor will be hired and, if desired, he/she can be shown various surveying and sampling techniques. The project work carried out by Inuvialuit-owned environmental consulting company, IMG-Golder Corporation. Any required overnight stays in Tuktoyaktuk will provide economic benefits to locally owned and operated accommodation facilities (e.g., Gruben's camp or local bed & breakfast).

A 1-page summary report of all project activities will be sent to the Hunters and Trappers Committees (HTCs) of Tuktoyaktuk and Inuvik. The HTCs may distribute those reports to individuals as appropriate. Additionally, a summary of project work will be provided to ARI for distribution as appropriate.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted between June 15 and July 15, 2009, at eight stream crossings from Tuktoyaktuk south to Source 177 (22 km length).