Talisman Energy Inc. Abandoned Panarctic Satellite F-68 Wellsite Contamination Delineation Program

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: contaminants, environmental assessment, site remediation, petroleum industry, soil

Principal Investigator: Krizan, Julia (13)
Licence Number: 14770
Organization: IMG-Golder Corporation
Licenced Year(s): 2018 2017 2016 2015 2013 2011 2010
Issued: Jul 23, 2010
Project Team: Dave Pritchard (not in the field) (Contaminated Sites Specialist, Golder Associates Ltd.), Julia Krizan (not in the field) (Project Manager, IMG-Golder Corp.), Suzi Martin (Environmental Scientist, Golder Assoiates Ltd.), Christina Wilsdon (Environmental Scientist, IMG-Golder Corp.), Tawny Foote (not in the field) (Environmental Technician, IMG-Golder Corp.), 2 Inuvialuit Beneficiaries (Wildlife Monitors, Sachs Harbour / Ulukhaktok ), 1 Inuvialuit Beneficiary (Environmental Monitor, Sachs Harbour / Ulukhaktok ), 2 Inuvialuit Beneficiaries (Field Assistants, Sachs Harbour / Ulukhaktok ), 1 Inuvialuit Beneficiary (Camp Manager, Lakes & Rivers Consulting), 1 Inuvialuit Beneficiary (Camp Cook, Lakes & Rivers Consulting)

Objective(s): To delineate any potential soil and / or water contamination at the wellsite, and assess the airstrip, in order to prepare for future remediation work.

Project Description: Oil and gas exploration activities took place on Prince Patrick Island in the 1970s, including the drilling of wellsite Panarctic Satellite F-68 at Satellite Bay. These activities resulted in the known abandonment of structures, debris and environmental concerns at Satellite Bay including one large garage and two small trailers; several burn pits and burnt material; a “dilapidated garage” on an apron area (a steel type Butler building); several buried drums at the well site (some containing unknown liquids); burnt garbage piles; several water bodies in vicinity with reddish oxidized sediments (possibly pollution from barrels or well site); fuel drums along a 1.5 km runway, and several visible cat roads with garbage and debris along the edges.

Talisman Energy Inc. is currently proposing to delineate any potential soil and / or water contamination at the wellsite, and assess the airstrip, in order to prepare for future remediation work.

Talisman will carry out an assessment program at the site. Work will involve a detailed soil and water sampling program (Phase II ESA), a geophysical survey, debris consolidation, barrel inventory and sampling, and an assessment of airstrip suitability for various fixed-wing aircraft, and preparation of a Restoration and Remediation Action Plan.

Mid to late August, 2010 (anticipated 7 days of field work; fixed wing aircraft): Phase II ESA and other assessment work. A team of 9 will camp at Satellite Bay to assess the degree of debris and contamination.

Fuel drums will be counted and sampling done for each one containing any liquids to determine the nature (and quantity) of the contents. An intrusive soil and water sampling program will identify, delineate and quantify the contaminants present at the site. Soil sampling will involve the use of hand-held and powered earth augers.

On-site movement of equipment, materials, samples etc., as well as patrols by Wildlife / Environmental Monitors will be done on two ATVs. A-frame canvas tents will comprise the camp; tent heating stoves will and appliances will be propane-run; a chemical toilet will be used and the contents transported from the site and disposed of at appropriate facility. Only biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products to be used; grey water to be disposed of in a temporary sump, located at least 100 m from any water bodies, that will be backfilled at the end of the project work with clean original soil materials.

The communities of Sachs Harbour and Ulukhaktok will receive a summary report of the findings and proposed future clean-up details.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted from August 10, 2010 to August 31, 2010.