Ecological Assessment Field Work for Lue Túé Sulái (the Five Fish Lakes) Candidate Cultural Conservation Area
Principal Investigator: Haas, Claudia A (2)
Licence Number: 15000
Organization: Environment and Natural Resources
Licenced Year(s): 2012 2011
Issued: Jan 16, 2012
Project Team: Bruce Townsend (Limnology and Water Chemistry Team Lead), Contractor), Mike Low (Field Technician, DFN), George Low (AAROM Coordinator, DFN)

Objective(s): To fill gaps in ecological information on a Candidate Protected Area while it goes through the NWT Protected Areas Strategy process.

Project Description: This project is to fill gaps in ecological information on a Candidate Protected Area while it makes its way through the NWT Protected Areas Strategy (PAS) process. This information will be used by the working group to make recommendations on final boundary and management planning for the area.

The study will be done at the same time as a study on mercury in fish being conducted by the Dehcho First Nations (DFN) under Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management (AAROM). Additional work will follow the Cumulative Imact Monitoring Program (CIMP) Pathways Template and include collecting water samples to look at what the levels of nutrients and metals are, which might include collecting samples of the plants in the lakes as well. The depth of the lake will be measured (bathymetry) and the fish habitat along the edges of the lakes will be noted. Additional information will be collected on how the water is flowing in the lake. Amphibian (frogs) may also be sampled at the same time and if so, a Wildlife Research Permit will be obtained.

This program includes three members from the local community, Jean Marie River. The community will be selecting an AAROM Coordinator as well as an additional field assistant and a youth. The community is also involved in directing the work, having put forward the area for protection and their role on the working group for the Candidate Protected Area, Lue Túé Sulái (the Five Fish Lakes), which approves the research conducted in the area.

A report will be written up of all the additional field work conducted at these lakes as part of a Phase 2 Ecological Assessment. This information will be freely available on the PAS website ( and all members of the working group will have a copy. Plan-language summaries will also be provided for working group members to bring back to the community.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted from May 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012.