Shale Basin Evolution 2

Regions: Gwich'in Settlement Area, Sahtu Settlement Area

Tags: physical sciences, geology, rock, radiation

Principal Investigator: Fiess, Kathryn M (4)
Licence Number: 16350
Organization: Northwest Territories Geological Survey
Licenced Year(s): 2018
Issued: Jul 06, 2018
Project Team: Jonathan Rocheleau (Researcher, NTGS), Dr. Viktor Terlaky (Researcher, NTGS), Dr. Murray Gingras (Researcher, University of Alberta), Maya LaGrange (Researcher, University of Alberta), Brette Harris (Researcher, University of Alberta), Sara Biddle (Researcher, University of Alberta)

Objective(s): To obtain a full suite of rock samples for analysis, photograph each location, and measure natural radiation at select locations.

Project Description: This year’s objective is to complete the work at the selected locations by obtaining a full suite of rock samples for analysis, photograph each location, and measure natural radiation.

At each site, the rock exposure will be photographed in detail. Natural radiation will be measured every half meter using a sensor without major disturbance of the rock face. At each location, rock samples weighing about 10 g (about the size of a thumb nail) will be collected at 10 cm intervals for the entire exposure. Additionally, at three of the sites (Carcajou, Powell and Rumbly) 200 g (about fist-size) rock samples will be taken from a part of the rock exposure. At each site, few (~1-6) samples weighing about 2 kg (about half of a small bucket) might be taken for dating the age of the rock, only if suitable rock samples are identified.

The study will increase and enhance the knowledge of the region’s geological history, which will be made public through various methods to the communities, increasing their opportunity for informed decision making. Additionally, the increased knowledge of local resource potential might lead to future economic activity in the regions, leading to indirect, but related possible opportunities and involvement.

At the conclusion of this year’s study, a short (about a page) summary will be provided to the communities, describing the field work and findings in plain language. Detailed scientific reports will be published and available on the Northwest Territories Geological Survey of Canada website and presentations will be given annually at the Yellowknife Geoscience Forum. Additionally, at the conclusion of the main study (~2022), the results will be presented locally in communities, as appropriate.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted from July 15, 2018 to August 4, 2018.