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Deglaciation of the NW Laurentide Ice Sheet and opening of the Mackenzie valley
Principal Investigator: Froese, Duane G
Licenced Year(s): 2019 2018
Summary: In this project, the research team aim to improve the chronology of the retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet from the eastern foot of the Mackenzie Mountains and the Mackenzie River valley that began around 14,000 years ago, and to gain better understanding of the dynamics of how the ice left the region and development of large lakes that occupied the valleys. The team will attempt to quantify the ...

Timing of deglaciation of the Mackenzie River valley 60-67 dg N
Principal Investigator: Froese, Duane G
Licenced Year(s): 2015
Summary: The objective of this research project is to search for glacial erratic boulders left behind by the retreating ice sheet margin and collect samples for cosmogenic exposure dating. In order to obtain time constraints on the deglaciation ages in the Mackenzie River valley the research team will apply Be-10 cosmogenic exposure dating. The research team will aim to collect samples in a series of v...

The Quaternary history of Scoresby Bay, Ellesmere Island
Principal Investigator: Gualtieri, Lyn
Licenced Year(s): 1993
Summary: The purpose of this research is to determine the amount of ice coverage during the last glaciation by investigating the landforms that occur today. I will also record the change in sea-level and the rise in the land as the glaciers receded. Evidence for the movement of glaciers onto eastern Ellesmere Island from Greenland will be collected. The data collected in this field season will contribut...

Stratigraphy of late Quaternary coastal marine sediments, Horton to Ellice Rivers, NWT
Principal Investigator: Kerr, Daniel
Licenced Year(s): 1988 1987
Summary: To collect data for PhD thesis; to investigate the nature of the Late Quaternary stratigraphic record of marine and glaciomarine deposits exposed by rivers along the mainland coast of the NWT; to define ice-front positions during ice retreat; to describe the succession of depositional environments during deglaciation; to evaluate the extent of isostatic uplift....