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2008-2010 Baseline Studies for Avalon Ventures Ltd. Proposed Thor Lake Rare Earth Metals Project - Vegetation Component
Principal Investigator: Lennie-Misgeld, Peter
Licenced Year(s): 2009
Summary: The objectives of this study are to: - Develop vegetation classification maps for local and regional study areas around the Thor Lake project. This new mapping can be used to identify or assist in the location of sensitive or ecologically important ecosystems, culturally important plants, rare plants and rare ecosystems, and will be the basis for wildlife habitat availability mapping. - Conduct...

Delineation of Komokuk Beach (BAR-1), and Nicholson Peninsula (BAR-4).
Principal Investigator: Reimer, Kenneth J.
Licenced Year(s): 1997
Summary: The Environmental Services Group has been requested by Defence Construction Canada and DCLU, to continue conducting environmental investigations of former DEW Line sites. Personnel will collect soil, sediment, plant, water, paintchips and insulation samples from areas of suspected or known contamination. The samples will be analyzed for inorganic elements and PCB's. In addition a small-scale bio...