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ArcticNet: an Integrated Regional Impact Study of the Coastal Western Canadian Arctic.
Principal Investigator: Fortier, Martin
Licenced Year(s): 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2007 2006 2005 2004
Summary: The central aim of the ArcticNet marine-based research program is to study on a long-term basis how climate induced changes are impacting the marine ecosystem, contaminant transport, biogeochemical fluxes, and exchange processes across the ocean-sea ice-atmosphere interface in the Canadian Arctic Ocean. Ultimately, the knowledge generated from this multi-year program will be integrated into region...

University field course on the arctic environment
Principal Investigator: Howarth, Phil
Licenced Year(s): 1993
Summary: The three professors from the University of Waterloo will lecture the students on the subjects of ecology, geology and climate and conduct field trips in the vicinity of Igloolik and Iqaluit. The students will select topics to study while in Igloolik: their studies will be assessed and assigned a grade....

Geology of Cretaceous and Tertiary Strata, Bylot Island, Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Burden, Elliott
Licenced Year(s): 1991 1990 1988 1987
Summary: The Researcher and associate will collect samples of shale and sandstone from cliffs. They will be taken to Memorial University to be analysed for their remnant magnetization. This research applies in regional correlation studies of marine and terrestrial strata and in site specific studies of the geologic development of this part of the Arctic....

Mackenzie Delta Hydrology and Ecosystem Interactions
Principal Investigator: Marsh, Philip
Licenced Year(s): 1993 1992 1991
Summary: The research will study changes in the water levels of a variety of lakes in the Mackenzie Delta. Investigations will include consideration of factors controlling the lake levels, introduction of floodwater from the Mackenzie River, rainfall on to the lake, smowmelt runoff into the lakes and evaporation from the lakes....

Enivronmental Studies of the Ice-Bearing Region in Canadian Arctic
Principal Investigator: Fujino, Kazuo
Licenced Year(s): 1990
Summary: The Researcher and field team will conduct a geological survey and topographic traverse survey around the massive ground ice. They will take samples for ecological study and geochemical analysis....

Bluenose Lake Natural Resources Survey
Principal Investigator: Scotter, George
Licenced Year(s): 1990
Summary: The Researcher and team will carry out this survey at the request of the community of Paulatuk. They will summarize the existing knowledge of the natural resources of the Bluenose Lake Region. A total of about 20 stops will be made to examine the vegetation, soil, wildlife and physiogeography and to collect plant and soil samples....

Licence #2581
Principal Investigator: Scotter, G.W.
Licenced Year(s): 1980
Summary: 1. To describe the geology, physical geography, flora, fauna and human history of the area; 2. To map and classify vegetation types and ecological units of the study area; 3. To identify outstanding features and areas that might be critical to the management of the study area; 4. To identify and propose boundaries for a preserve that might be recommended....

Licence #1850
Principal Investigator: Harben, C.Y.
Licenced Year(s): 1975
Summary: To carry out projects in botany, ecology, zoology, meteorology, geology and geomorphology....