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The Effectiveness of a Diversion Channel in Providing Fish Habitat in NWT Barrenlands
Principal Investigator: Jones, Nicholas
Licenced Year(s): 2001 2000 1999
Summary: The proposed research project will involve extensive photography, habitat mapping and inventory at Pigeon Creek, and measurement of young-of-the-year grayling in July and August in the channel, Polar-Vulture, Pand-Polar and Pigeon Creeks. Growth data will be used to determine the environmental health of the stream(s) studied. Approximately 100 young-of-the-year grayling will be collected per str...

BHP Diamonds baseline and long-term monitoring aquatic studies
Principal Investigator: Morantz, David
Licenced Year(s): 1996
Summary: The techniques to be used for the assessment of the fisheries in the Lac de Gras area will include small-mesh (1.5 inch) gillnetting, trapnetting (mark-recapture program), minnow-trapping and electroshocking (backpack model for stream surveys). Most fish will be live-released. A select number of fish will be retained (killed), for aging verification (using otoliths), tissue metals concentration ...