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Investigation of Genetic Polymorphism of Drug Metabolism in Canadian Inuit
Principal Investigator: Rode, Andris
Licensed Year(s): 1995
Summary: The study requires the subject to swallow a harmless "marker" substance (similar to cough syrup) at bedtime, followed by the collection of subject's total urine output over the next 8-12 hours. The urine will be analysed to see how well the subject's body metabolised or used the marker and whether the subject is a "good" or "poor" drug metaboliser. Blood samples will be taken to determine the gene...

Health and fitness: a comparative study of Canadian Inuit and Siberian Avenki
Principal Investigator: Rode, Andris
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: The 1993 activities in Igloolik will be to establish a cardiovascular risk profile for local Inuit by means of taking blood samples and constructing the blood-lipid profiles. These activities are part of an ongoing investigation of health and fitness levels in northern indigenous peoples. Dr. Rode is working with Dr. Pavel Vloshinsky of the Institute of Biochemistry in Novosibirsk: Dr. Vloshinsk...

Canada/USSR Transarctic Skitrek
Principal Investigator: Rode, Andris
Licensed Year(s): 1988
Summary: to study human adaptation to prolonged hard work under extreme environmental conditions; to stimulate public interest in fitness and sport; to study geomagnetic and other physical phenomena; to develop closer scientific and cultural cooperation between Canada and the USSR...

Licence #2625
Principal Investigator: Rode, Andris
Licensed Year(s): 1981
Summary: To conduct a follow-up study of the impact of southern Canadian diet and lifestyle on general health, nutrition and working capacity of Canadian Inuit. This is a follow-up to a study conducted in 1969-71....