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Impacts and Benefits of Baffin Parks.
Principal Investigator: Longworth, Bob
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: The researcher will conduct a literature search and information will be collected from Parks Canada Office in Iqaluit and Pangnirtung. Other interested agencies will be contributing information and adding input to the bibliography. Information identified by the bibliography will be used in producing video modules. The research will result in a socio-economic bibliography & videos focusing on Au...

Transition era history of Apex-Iqaluit, NWT: 1942 to 1963
Principal Investigator: Longworth, Bob
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: During the period between 1942 and 1963, Inuit in the southern portion of Baffin Island when through a major transition from living off the land in the traditional way to living in permanent settlements. The researchers will collect information about this period of development in the history of Apex and Iqaluit by gathering information from printed materials as well as interviews with long-term r...