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Healing Movements in the North: Gender and Tradition in Fort Good Hope, NWT.
Principal Investigator: Fajber, Elizabeth
Licensed Year(s): 1996
Summary: The visit to Fort Good Hope serves two purposes: to report findings from my M.A. research on concepts of healing and wellness in Fort Good Hope, NWT based on research in 1995; and also to consult with the K'asho Gotine Community Council in the development of a long-term research project (four years) exploring questions of gender and healing in the community. As this project will be community bas...

Dene Healing and Wellness
Principal Investigator: Fajber, Elizabeth
Licensed Year(s): 1995
Summary: The researcher will investigate the issues using qualitative, community-based, collaborative research methods. Research tools include semi-structured and unstructured interviews with consenting informants. Also, involvement both in formal community meetings and political assemblies, and in informal daily activities of Dene in the community will enhance the researcher's understanding of the heali...

Traditional Healing in Fort Simpson
Principal Investigator: Fajber, Elizabeth
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: The researcher will work with the Liidli Koe First Nation to investigate the roles of traditional healing and the Western health care in the health and well-being of Fort Simpson residents. This will include participation with the council on a project investigating culturally appropriate health care and key informant interviews within the community....