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Post Construction Revegetation and Permafrost Monitoring within Paramount's Cameron Hills, NWT Project Area
Principal Investigator: Ferguson, Gordon
Licensed Year(s): 2003
Summary: Following environmental impact assessments, the National Energy Board and the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board granted approvals to Paramount Resources Ltd. for the construction of specific infrastructure within the Significant Discovery Area. Atta...

Post Construction Water Quality Monitoring and Revegetation and Soil Monitoring for the Liard Pipeline and Gathering Project, Fort Liard, NT and Maxhamish Area, BC
Principal Investigator: Ferguson, Gordon
Licensed Year(s): 2003 2002
Summary: This monitoring program is designed to monitor water quality in the Liard pipeline study area and to assess reclamation success and identify areas of concern regarding revegetation and soil loss by erosion. A total of 8 permanent sampling transects were...